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Women play a crucial role in binding a family together.

At Cinnamon Wealth, we advocate for Women’s active involvement in shaping their family’s financial decisions, recognising that they are both contributors and beneficiaries of the family’s wealth.

Why Cinnamon Wealth

We celebrate the resilience and determination of Women! Cinnamon Wealth strives to actively bridge the participation gap of Women in the management of personal finance within their families. Working in harmony, we craft personalized solutions across money management, strategic borrowing, retirement planning and legacy solutions, all aimed at nurturing the unique aspects of your bright financial future.

Challenging Biases

Cinnamon Wealth started with a simple yet profound observation: Why do financial services companies, exhibit cognitive biases toward their female clients, despite their capabilities and enterprise? All too often, financial institutions and relationship managers tend to perpetuate stereotypes and sidestep the financial well-being of women throughout their lifecycle.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe in and adhere to a structured investment process that mitigates risks and facilitates progress towards your investment goals. Cinnamon Wealth curates its investment philosophy and process surrounding the entire financial life cycle of our clients, extending across varying income levels encompassing professionals, businesswomen, and homemakers. We do not have thresholds for building your financial portfolio.

A Financial Ecosystem for Women

Cinnamon Wealth is dedicated to providing Women with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to make informed financial decisions. We tailor financial solutions, educational programs, and a supportive community where women can connect, learn, network and grow together. Your well-informed financial choices form the bedrock of your well-being and of your loved ones!

Our Proposition

Cinnamon Wealth does not have any thresholds for building your financial portfolio!

Multiple Service Channels

You have the option of  “Do-it-Yourself” on the digital platform with Cinnamon Lite or have “Active Engagement” for deeper insights on products or market with Cinnamon Engage.


We value transparency as much as you do. From the initial consultation to the final investment decision, we keep you informed and involved in the process.​

Holistic Approach

Cinnamon Wealth has curated its investment philosophy and process to cover the entire financial life cycle of our clients, catering to individuals across varying income levels, including professionals, entrepreneurs, and homemakers.

Process Orientation

We strongly believe in and strictly adhere to a structured investment process that effectively mitigates risks while guiding you toward your investment goals.

Investment Philosophy

Cinnamon recognizes the inherent risks associated with investing, emphasizing that no strategy can offer foolproof success or eliminate all potential errors. However, we firmly believe that following a well-structured, long-term investment approach can significantly reduce the chances of making common investing mistakes and, at the very least, allow for prompt corrective actions when necessary.

Our Approach

Our Team



Vijay Emmanuel

Co-founder & CEO

Vivek Wadhavkar

Head – Finance & Regulations

Lata Gandhi

Lata Gandhi

Head – Customer Service & Operations

Nirmal Patel

Head – Compliance | Fellow Member of ICSI